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Snappy Seasons - $10.00

14 x 42" runner and 22 x 30" wall hanging with interchangeable seasonal panels. Wool appliqué seasonal panels with a scrappy pieced center make up these projects. Both projects included in this pattern! Decorate your home for all the seasons.

Item Number: SLQ241

Warm & Wooly Welcome - $12.00

Wool Appliqué seasonal panels with a wall hanging background to attach them to. Scrappy and Fun! Decorate your home all year round. Wall Hanging base is 24 x 40" and each panel is 14 x 19".

Item Number: SLQ230

Delightful Seasons - $9.00

Fun seasonal pattern that combines piecing and wool appliqué. This pattern includes instructions for the 20 x 26" piece wall hanging base and the four interchangeable seasonal panels. A "delight" to display in your home all year round!

Item Number: SLQ220

Country Home Sweet Home - $9.00

Detachable appliquéd panels personalize this country home for each season! Welcome friends all year round with this charming project. 28 x 30" wall hanging with 8 x 21" detachable panels.

Item Number: SLQ214

Season's Treasures, Too! - $9.00

  Sequel to Season's Treasures so you can also have a fun table topper for the spring and summer!  Both projects are in this pattern and measure 20 x 20".  Fat quarter and fat eighth friendly.  Pieced and applique.

Item Number: SLQ209

Season's Treasures - $9.00

 Two projects in one pattern!  These projects make fun table toppers to decorate your home for fall and winter.  The toppers measure 20 x 20".  Both are fat quarter and fat eighth friendly.  Pieced and appliqued.

Item Number: SLQ208

Basket Banter - $9.00

Seasonal 14 x 18”; Wall Hangings.Four quick pieced and appliqué projects, one for each season! Just the right size for framing. Seasonal baskets each feature a unique pieced block and each wall hanging has an embroidered seasonal phrase. Use your fats!

Item Number: SLQ194

Winter Wonderland - $9.00

Runner 14 x 30”; Table Topper 24 x 24”. Snowflakes mean winter is here! Decorate your winter tables with these pieced and appliquéd table toppers. Fat quarter/fat eighth friendly.

Item Number: SLQ193

Autumn Breezes - $9.00

Runner: 24 x 42”; Table Topper 30 x 30”. The autumn breezes blow appliquéd leaves across the scrappy pieced backgrounds of two table toppers to welcome in the fall. Fat quarter/fat eighth friendly!

Item Number: SLQ192

Spring Fling - $8.00

This is another fat fun project from Snuggles Quilts. Pieced baskets and floral appliqué will dress up any spring table! Quick and easy projects Table Topper 26 x 26” and Table Runner 16 x 28”.

Item Number: SLQ184

Summer Serenade - $8.00

Table Topper 26 x 26”. A fat fun pattern! This charming table topper can be made with or without the floral appliqué. Dress up your summer table with these stars from the summer sky!

Item Number: SLQ183

Pillow Talk - $8.00

Each Pillow 9 x 18”. Fun seasonal pillows made from all fats! Any one of these pillows can be a framed quilt or a wall hanging. Easy appliqué and embroidery embellishes each pillow according to the season chosen.

Item Number: SLQ180

Little Treasures - $8.00

Four Wall hangings: Each 10 1/2 x 23”. A wall hanging for each season! Flowers for the spring, stars & stripes for summer, plump pumpkins for fall and a jolly snowman for winter. Quick and easy projects! Fat friendly!

Item Number: SLQ176

For All Seasons - $7.00

Table Mats: each 16 1/2 x 16 1/2. A table mat for every season. Each mat has a star design as the base with colorful appliqués added to make them unique to each season.

Item Number: SLQ174

Charms of Fall - $6.50

Runner: 17 1/2 x 36. Welcome in the fall season with this runner made from 5" charms and some additional fabric. The runner is fully pieced with appliquéd fall leaves.

Item Number: SLQ170

Harvest - $6.50

Greet the fall harvest with this plump pumpkin and colorful autumn leaves! Finished wall quilt size: 20 " X 30".

Item Number: SLQ165

Blooms - $6.50

Bring the outside in to your home this spring with this beautiful basket of blooms quilt pattern! Just smell that fresh air! Finished wall quilt size: 24 " X 28".

Item Number: SLQ163

Through the Seasons - $7.00

Wall hangings: 18 x 27. Welcome your guests throughout the year with these unique quilt banners celebrating each season. Each banner features a pieced house with a checkerboard border and seasonal appliqués.

Item Number: SLQ156

Welcome Home - $7.00

Wall hanging: 23 x 32. Welcome visitors to your home through out the year with these charming decorated gates decked out for each season. Four projects in one!

Item Number: SLQ155

Autumn Harvest - $7.00

The autumn harvest bring thoughts of plump pumpkins and colorful leaves. Feel the crisp air of fall while displaying these pieces in your home. Appliqued pumplins, stems and leaves accent the pieced backgrounds. Finished wall hanging size is 24" x 36" and finished table runner size is 18" x 36".

Item Number: SLQ153

Christmas Presents - $7.00

The pieced flowing ribbons on the wall hanging (24" x 30") and runner (19" x 46"), create the look of a Christmas package ready to be opened to reveal its surprise! Appliqued holly leaves add a festive touch to these quilts.

Item Number: SLQ152

Liberty Garden - $7.00

Summer flowers bloom in the liberty garden to welcome the summer season to your home. Appliqued stems and flowers climb a pieced flagpole and picket fence on the wall hanging, which measures 18" x 32". The table runner (16" x 40") is all pieced.

Item Number: SLQ151

Signs of Spring - $7.00

Welcome spring into your home with these containers of cheerful spring blooms. The pieced tops combine with appliqued flowers to create the feel of the season. Finished wall hanging size is 26" x 36", and the finished table runner size is 16" x 52".

Item Number: SLQ150

Summer Delights - $6.50

One of the summer's great delights is celebrating the 4th of July and enjoying a juicy piece of watermelon! A flag combined with a pieced watermelon and embellished with buttons make up this fun summer quilt. Finished wall hanging size is 24" x 28".

Item Number: SLQ144

Celebrate Summer Table Topper - $6.50

Let these stars sparkle across your table and celebrate the fun of summer inside. Finished table topper size is 27"

Item Number: SLQ142

Let It Snow - $6.50

Welcome the winter season and the snow with this cheerful snowman. The pieced snowman comes alive on the scrappy pieced background. Appliqued arms and nose, button eyes, embroidered mouth and an appliqued scarf add detail. “Snowy” the snowman is framed by appliqued snowflakes and scrappy flying geese blocks. Finished size for the wall hanging is 22" x 34".

Item Number: SLQ137

Celebration of Fall - $6.50

Plump pumpkins and colorful maple leaves make this a great accent for any fall table. The pieced pumpkin block is an original design. Finished size for the table runner is 18" x 46".

Item Number: SLQ134

Welcome Winter - $6.50

The final design in our Welcome series of seasonal quilt patterns brings a little bit of winter inside without the cold! Measuring 16" x 32", Welcome Winter features Flying geese blocks used to form trees topped with a paper-pieced or appliquéd star while paper-pieced or appliquéd snowflakes float above & below. Pieced letters spelling “Welcome” along the right side border complete this wintry wall hanging. Celebrate winter without the bitter cold as you welcome the season with this colorful quilt!

Item Number: SLQ117

Pumpkin Harvest - $6.50

“Harvest” these plump pumpkins to enjoy on your wall this Fall! Measuring 18.5" x 28.5", this Pumpkin Harvest features a row of Friendship stars above a row of charming appliquéd pumpkins & leaves framed by a pieced checkerboard border. Celebrate the season with this bountiful harvest of pumpkins!

Item Number: SLQ116

Welcome Summer - $6.50

The Welcome series of seasonal quilt patterns continues with a summer scene to greet your visitors at home. Measuring 16" x 33", Welcome Summer features a pieced fence & lettering combined with appliquéd sunflowers & a summer sun high in the sky. We added a patriotic flair to the bottom of this colorful summer quilt with a flag - pieced from strips of red & white with a friendship star in a blue field. Now you're ready to celebrate the summer in style!

Item Number: SLQ111

Welcome Fall - $6.50

Welcome the crisp fall season into your home with this wall hanging of colorful leaves falling on a plump pumpkin. Measuring 14" x 32", this Welcome Fall quilt features brightly-colored pieced maple leaves & letters combined with appliquéd leaves on an embroidered vine leading to an appliquéd pumpkin. Delight your guests & family alike with this beautiful wall hanging that invites us to enjoy the season!

Item Number: SLQ109

Welcome Spring - $6.50

Nothing defines Spring better than colorful flowers emerging from their winter slumber! Now you can welcome guests to your home with our Welcome Spring wall banner. Measuring 14" x 31", this colorful quilt is created by easily piecing flowers & letters from half-square triangles, rectangles & squares. Make these flowers bloom for you & brighten a cool spring day!

Item Number: SLQ103


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