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April 28, 2013


Happy Monday!  It's April 29th and welcome to the Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Blog Tour!  I am so happy you have stopped by my blog to say hello.  I will be showing you my block and I have a free runner pattern using my block and a few other elements.  Also, take time to tour my website.  I’d love to have you as a regular visitor!  If you have Facebook, be sure to visit my Snuggles Quilts page here.

Now to the fun ……

I was excited to see my block on the cover!


Here is my block.  Block #661 - Prairie Sunburst.


I designed this table runner using two of my blocks. 


Find the instructions for this runner here.

I thought it would be fun to see what the block would look like even scrappier.  Here’s what I came up with.


Here's the table runner in this color scheme:


Kind of neat, huh?

Leave me a comment, and be eligible to win a pack of my newest patterns.  There will also be a winner chosen to receive a free copy of the magazine from the great folks at Quiltmaker!

Make sure you head over to the Quilty Pleasures blog now to get a list of all the other blogs to tour today.  Keep coming back to their blog all week for new blogs to visit every day.  Have fun and be sure to stop back for a visit!

A little humor to end your visit .... remember the story of the Princess and the Pea?  There was a stack of mattresses with a pea at the bottom.  The princess on top could feel the pea.  Well, Snuggles jumped on top of a stack of my quilts and reminded me of that story.  I just had to share the photo ....


Happy Quilting everyone!

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Contratulations for your block to be chosen for the cover.  What an honor.  I love making table runners and the Prairie Sunburst block is fantastic.  I would love, love, love to make this.
Posted by Barbara Reasoner on
Love the Prairie Sunburst block!
Posted by Pam from CA on
Love the Prairie sunburst block!!
Posted by Alice M on
Congrats on making the cover!  Love your block.  Thanks for the tablerunner pattern & the chance to win.
Posted by Joyce Mitchell on
Very nice block!!  Enjoyed reading your Blog and your quilts and cat are beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win either a copy of the magazine or your pattern.
Posted by Sandi on
Prairie Sunburst is a perfect block for the cover..I like it a lot. I think I already have the perfect fabrics in my stash for a table runner!
Posted by Linda Voltz on
  This block would be fun to do scrappy or, even, with seasonal colors.
Posted by Liz Engman on
Your block is really great. Congrats on having a block in the new issue. thanks for a chance.
Posted by Carrie P. on
Congrats! You should put your block and the magazine in a shadow box to remember this!!
Posted by Savannah Hickman on
I love the table runner.  I need to try one of those!  Thanks for the chance to win!
Posted by Marsha Kestner on
congrats on making the front page, love the block
Posted by bonnie on
I love your Prairie Sunburst block! I can see myself using it with red, white, and blue fabrics.
Posted by Jennifer B on
Snuggles is so cute atop the quilts. Cats are definitely the princesses of the household. Congrats on making the cover of the magazine!
Posted by Lisa E on
Deanne, congrats for being in the magazine and of course for making the cover.  Great block, I think I'd like in partly scrappy.
Posted by Vicki H on
like your block!
Posted by Hanke on
thank you for the table runner pattern, I can't wait to try it.  thank you for the chance to win
Posted by Dawn koby on
Love your photo of Snuggles sitting on your quilts.  Cats and quilts just go together.  Congratulations on your block.
Posted by lindawwww on
Love Snuggles, I bet he is sweet company!
Enter me to win!!!
Posted by Lisa McGriff on
Wonderful block!  Thanks so much for sharing!
Posted by Becky in Georgia on
I like your block.  I love Snuggles acting like she really is a Princess.
Posted by Sherry Starr on
Love all the talent in this magazine.
Posted by Karen on
I think your block will look great in many different fabrics.
Posted by Jill Hicks on
Great block! I definitely want to give it a try! Thanks!
Posted by Lori Hada on
I really love your Prairie Sunburst block!  It must be so exciting to have it on the cover....congratulations!!  Yep.....cats and quilts are just meant to be together :)  Thank you for the beautiful table runner pattern.
Posted by Angelia L. on
Your scrappy table runner is just what I've been looking for...thanks!
Posted by Joan Figlar on
Love your block!  It looks like Vol 7 is going to be a great addition to my library.
Posted by Nancy Angerer on
Congratulations on being a "cover girl"!
Posted by Marie Atkinson on
Love the Prairie Sunburst block - also loved seeing your cat sitting on the quilts_ I think cats were all quilters in a previous life! Ronnie
Posted by Ronnie on
I love the patterns made using your block.  Very nice.
Posted by Pam C on
Congrats on your block, it's very nice..
Posted by Sandy on
Nice block and congrats on making it into the magazine.  
Posted by Barbara Sindlinger on
Your Snuggles reminds me of my cat, Henri!  Always in the middle of whatever I am doing!
Posted by Marguerite Guinn on
Love your block!  And your cat too!!!
Posted by Yvonne Hamilton on
Love your block and your cat.  Congratulations on making the cover!
Posted by Gale Yawn on
Great block.  I would like to make that table runner in spring colors.
Posted by Joan H. on
Your block is just my style!  Always loving the scrappy look & this one can go either way!  Also, join you in loving cats!  Squiggles looks to be a large cat like my Maximus!
Posted by Bonnie Coleman on
Congratulations, getting in the Magazine must be very thrilling.  Love Prarie Sunburst.
Posted by Simone Frotten on
Love the table runner.  Congratulations on being in the magazine.  So exciting!
Posted by Twila Morris on
Really like your block! And thanks for the pattern for the table runner. AND thanks for the chance to win some great quilting prizes!
Posted by Kate on
Love it!  It looks complicated but it would be a great table runner.
Posted by vivian on
The table runner is beautiful!  Thank you for this opportunity to win.
Posted by Barbara Pricola on
Lovely story and photo op of Snuggles on her stack of quilts.  lol  Nice block composition with alot of details, which I love!  Thanks for the chance.  Jane
Posted by Jane on
Thank you for the rable runner design & the photo of your 'princess.'
Posted by Jeanann M. on
Cool block! Thanks for the giveaway.
Posted by Jeanne in Ohio on
Luv your block.  Looking forward to trying it!
Posted by Shelor on
I would love to win "Snuggles"!!! Precious!
Posted by Becky S. on
Great block, and right up my piecing alley!  Thanks for the chance!
Posted by Kathy H on
Great Block! I like to make runners and might have to try yours. Thanks for the chance to win! 
Posted by Karen Watkins on
Yay!  Congratulations on being a Cover Girl.  Love your block - anything made with HST's.  
I love cats who help.  I couldn't sew without my 2.   
Posted by Barb on
I love your picture of your Princess - she is beautiful.  We used to have a kitty that was the same coloring.  I miss her helping me with my sewing.  I like your block especially the scrappy look.  Thanks for sharing.
Posted by Karla S on
Love your block
Posted by Linda on
Snuggles is so cute.  I can see why he reminded you of the Princess and the Pea.  Congratulations on getting your block into the new book.
Posted by Lorraine Hittle on
Love the block and congrats on making the cover.
Posted by Roberta Johnson on
great cover block!   looks good in the runners.  thanx for the chance to win some of your patterns!
Posted by ritainalaska on
Your block is gorg! I have been thoroughly bitten by the quilt bug today. I MUST find time to sew! 
Posted by Arlene on
Not a big fan of cats, but your block is a keeper ! Great Job !
Posted by Dottie B. on
Lovely block - I like how scrappy it can be!
Posted by Regina on
This block is so versatile - love the scrappy look!
Posted by JillB on
I really like the scrappy look.  I have always been a fan of scrappy quilts and yours is a real hit.  Congratulations!
Posted by Elaine on
I like the scrappy and black runner.
Posted by Mary Ann on
When I saw the cover, your block was the first one to catch my eye. Love the colors.
Can't wait to make it
Posted by Franci on
Love the Prairie Sunburst block.  Thanks for sharing.
Posted by Margaret Parks on
I love your block and your humour.  Thanks for the opportunity to win.
Posted by Liz on
Love the scrappy version of your block...
Posted by Jodi on
Beautiful block.  I'm not sure I could do that.  I suppose I could if I followed directions and was very, very careful.  Congratulations on making the cover.  
Posted by Ruth on
Congrats on not only having a block in Vol 7, but also being on the cover! Thanks for the opportunity to win, and also for the great photo caption of Snuggles.
Posted by Jan on
Congratulations on being a cover girl!  I love the block and Prairie Sunburst is the perfect name.  
So nice to meet your quilting buddy.  :-)
Posted by Laura Peterson on
I absolutely love your block, especially in the scrappy version.  Pinwheels are divine!!  Thanks for an opportunity to win.
Posted by Shirley Suter on
I love this block--esp. when you did it in scrappy (I am a scrappy quilter time and time again)!!  So glad you had the chance to publish in 100 Blocks!
Posted by Julie on
I really like the feel of the scrappier block! Thanks for the inspiration and great giveaway.
Posted by Kylie C on
Beautiful block and congrats on making the cover.  Thank you for the chance to win the magazine or your patterns.
Posted by Cindy K on
Your Prairie Sunburst is so appropriate for a quilt I want to make honoring the state of KS (where I live).  Congrats on making the cover and I can hardly wait to get a copy of the 100 Blocks book.
Posted by Lou Brewer on
Love your block!! I think the table runner is lovely and I plan to try one of those. Thanks for sharing and congrats on the cover!! 
Posted by Sharon Green on
Love your "Princess" and your block is great. Look forward to making it up. Congratulations on being in the Magazine and on the cover. 
Posted by Sharon McQuade on
Love your block!  And your cat on your quilts is so funny!  :)
Posted by Carla G on
I love your block. I can't wait ti try it
Posted by Susie on
I love the scrappier version - beautiful!
Posted by Lynn Kilgard on
Love your block and the table runner.  Thanks for sharing.
Posted by Judy Weber on
I love this block and of course I would make it with a scrappy look. Not to mention that I have lots of scraps I could use. Perhaps the table runner would look great in my new house.
Posted by Linda Orr on
Lovely block.  I am going to make the table runner.  Thanks for sharing.
Posted by Bonnie Pfrimmer on
Love your block - thanks for sharing it with us in this great magazine.
Posted by Kathleen McCormick on
I like the scrappy version of your block. I'd also like to see more of those quilts that Snuggles is sitting on - they looks scrappy and beautiful!
Posted by Barbara Johnson on
Love the block and love your kitty.  Reminds me of my granddaughter's comment to her grandfather when he made the mistake of calling her and her sisters, "guys." 
"We're not guys, Grandpa.  We're princesses." 
Of course maybe being a princess is a step down for your kitty!
Posted by Virginia Pilegard on
What a sharp looking block.  I just love those colors.  I can't wait to make a table runner with this one in it.  Thanks.
Posted by Bonnie Thiem on
Lve the block... and the tablerunner is great.  Thanks for sharing.
Posted by Mary Jo on
This is a great looking block. Thanks for the table runner instructions. Congratulations on making the cover and inclusion of your project in the best 100 blocks!
Posted by MarciaW on
Love your block and the table runner pattern. Can't wait to try it!
Posted by Kathy Wagner on
What a beautiful block 661 prairie sunburst. I need to make myself a table runner with this block and potholders to patch. P.S. your princess snuggles is so sweet looking also. conrats on having your block published.
Posted by Cindy Bacon on
I'm sure your Princess "felt the pea"!!!!    Love your block too!   It looks cool in the runner you made.
Posted by LeeAnn on
What a joy to be in the 100 blocks!  Great block and it will make into a super-looking runner.
Posted by LJ on
This is a really great block. I like the table runner and it would be really easy to use one section to make matching place mats. Snuggles seems to be scowling...perhaps from lack of sleep? lol
Posted by Kathy Biggs on
Congratulations on having your block in the 100 block book!  I like your Prairie Sunburst block a lot - especially the different looks depending on how scrappy to make it.  I enjoy making table runners, because I can actually complete them in a reasonable amount of time!  Thanks for the giveaway.
Posted by Diantha Howard on
Congrats on making the cover, and thanks for the giveaway opportunity.
Posted by laurie on
Great block! Love the elongated pinwheel effect in the colorway shown in the book.  Thanks!
Posted by Wendy on
Love this, love HST!!!
Posted by jackie c on
I love the block and the tablerunner
Posted by PeggyB on
Great block!  I like the scappy look on the table runner.  Thanks for the chance to win.
Posted by Laura Rilely on
Using the same dark color for the larger half-square triangles makes it look like those extended blades of an old-fashioned windmill.  Great effect!
Posted by Kay Ahr on
Like the block and thanks for the pattern.
Posted by Carol on
I really like the scrappy version of your block.  Congratulations on being included in the new book.
Posted by JoAnn on
I love pics of cats on quilts. Your block would be a great pattern to use up my collection of Kansas Troubles fabrics!
Posted by Betty on
  Congrats on having your block on the cover of the magazine!  And thank you so much for the runner pattern!  I'm looking forward to making it.  Thank you for the opportunity to win.
Posted by Georgie on
Congrats!  Neat block.
Posted by PJB on
Congrats on making the front cover.  Lovely block.
Posted by Sandra on
Very versitile block. It would be great scrappy or with the Kansas Troubles I've been collecting. Thanks for the chance to win.
Posted by Colleen M on
What a neat block and table runner! Congratulations, too, on being selected to be on the front cover! What an honor! Thank you for a chance to win Vol 7 and some of your patterns.
Posted by Ruth Alf on
I want to congratulate you on having your block chosen for Vol 7. I love your block and using it in a table runner will be neat. My Callie loves climbinto on top of my quilts also. 
Posted by Patty Swatzell on
Love this block! 
Posted by Juanita on
Wow, what an honor to be on the cover and with such a lovely block.  
Posted by Kim Perez on
Great block. Thanks for showing some of the color options.
Posted by Julie B on
Like your  block.  Would be great for a scrappy quilt.
Posted by Mary Jane Cardwell on
What a beautiful block.  And what possibilities.  Wow.
Posted by Ilene Schur on
The block is wonderful.  Love the idea of using up a lot of scraps for the scrappy version.  The table runner is great - thanks for sharing :-D
Posted by Barb Schneider on
Love your block and thanks for the chance to win your patterns  just beautiful
Posted by Katherine Carter on
Your table runner is a nice design. Thank you for the chance at the giveaway.
Posted by Nancy M on
Love this block!  Many fun options for using different color combos.
Posted by Liz on
Congratulations on making the cover. This block is another one added to my "must make" list.
Posted by Karen J. on
Thanks for being part of the tour! Enjoyed so many new ideas. Like the look of your runner in the scrappy color way.
Cindy from MI
Posted by Cindy May on
Ooooouuuu I love that block!   It is one  I'm am going to have to try.   I have TONS of bonus triangles ala Bonie Hunter type piecing, I think I have found a use for them.   Thanks for the inspiration.   I would love to win the magazine, but your patterns may be way more fun :)
thanks again, Deb
Posted by Deb Brown on
It's a beautiful block. And I thought all cats considered themselves royalty.
Posted by Marca Fritzemeier on
Nice block!  Congrats on making the cover.
Posted by denniele on
I love the block and have HST leftover so no reson to not use them,thank you....
Posted by marta on
Good block! Princess has great cat-itude too!
Posted by Kathie F. on
I love your block and also Snuggles cattitude. Can I win him? :-)
Posted by Susan on
I like the table runner design - great job!
Posted by Carmen on
very nice block
Posted by Marian Pena on
I love your block!
Posted by Vickie LeBlanc on
Love the scrappy version--can't wait to make the table runner.  Congrats on making the cover and thank you for the chance to win.
Posted by Sara Clark on
I like the scrappy version best.
Posted by Dorothy B/ on
Nice block and sweet picture.
Posted by Shirley on
I love your blocks would love to make it
Posted by cindy vinzant on
Pieced blocks are my favorite, so, you know, I love your block and I really like it scrappy!
Posted by Carol Sc on
Your block is beautiful, I sure can't wait for the magazine to come out next week.  I plan on buying it cause I know I won't win, I never win anything!
Posted by Sheila on
Pretty kitty... and lovely table runner. I love the scrappy version best too. Thanks for the chance to win.
Posted by Lady_D on
congrats! I really appreciate secondary designs. this block looks great I the scrappy version!
Posted by Rachell R on
Like your block, I'm a scrappy quilter and your scrappy version is really enticing.  Thanks.
Posted by Mom C on
I downloaded teh tablerunner immediately.  And I love the scrappy variation!
Posted by Steph on
I love this block. It would be so much fun to make it in a scrappy version, bright colors on black or even blues, turq and teal on white. I am excited about it. Thanks for the ideas.
Posted by Janice on
I love what happened when you changed the color choices in your lovely block.
Posted by Karen McManus on
Oh my, half square triangles...I have a thing for half square friends say it is not normal, but I can't help myself...LOVE your block, and the table runner!
Posted by Joy on
Love your block and table runner!
Posted by Pam on
This is a great place to find ideas and new blocks.  Yours is great.  I hope I get the chance  to get a copy of the magazine, and use your block in something new.
Posted by Angele on
Thanks for the chance to win! Lovely block :)
Posted by Karrie Smith on
Love the scrappy version of your block....and love the little 'Princess' too!!
Posted by Elaine M. on
I really like this block and the table runner you created with the block.  I could see one on my table!
Posted by Lorraine on
I like the block.  I still consider myself a newbe & it looks like it would be a challange for me.
Congrats on being in the book.  I think it's great & looks like it will be a fun book to have.
Posted by Sharon Rosenau on
I like the way the individual block creates a second pinwheel when put together!
Posted by Julie in WA on
Cool block.  Really like the table runner.  Also like your cat's name:)
Posted by Laura N on
Love all the triangles. Thank you for sharing with us. :)
Posted by Lavonna ZWB on
I like the scrappy idea and look forward to making a table runner using some of the scraps I keep accumulating!
Posted by Deb W on
A very pretty traditional block. Congratulations on making the cover. Thanks for the chance to win.
Posted by Judy P on
Love your block, especially the scrappy one.  Thanks for the chance to win!
Posted by Rhonda Desgranges on
Love your block, love the name "Prairie Sunburst" also. Can see this on our table.
Posted by Beverly Caldwell on
I like your scrappy version of yur block and love the cat picture!
Posted by Gloria Bruce on
Your Prairie Sunburst is gorgeous. Thanks for the chance to win! 
Posted by Janet on
Congratulations on making the cover, what an honor! Your block is beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win!
Posted by Tania on
Prarie Sunburst, a neat name for a neatblock, thanks for the giveaway
Posted by diana on
Beautiful block. Someday I will be good enough to make a complicated block like that...practice makes perfect!
Posted by Nita on
Congratulations for the cover pic! I love the modern/traditional feel of your Prairie Sunrise block, especially the scrappy version. Thanks for sharing!
Posted by Linda on
Interesting collections, I'm learning more and more about quilting, but got a really long way to go.
Posted by Beth on
What a great looking block. Thank you for a chance to win the giveaway. 
Posted by Jamie Todhunter on
I like the block. I seem to have a thing for pinwheels. My current pinwheel project is the pattern Pearls n Pinwheels.
Posted by Laura G. on
Great block.  thks
Posted by Pamela Reim on
What a wonderful block!  The table runner is marvelous.  Our guild has asked members to make table runners for our quilt show in 2014.  Some will be used at a dinner for door prizes and some sold at the small quilt auction.  This would be a lovely pattern.
Thanks ofr the generous giveaway.
Posted by Susan on
Great block and perfect tablerunner!  Thanks for the double chance to win!
Posted by Pat C in Washington on
The Princess & the Pea, aren't all cats princesses! Thanks for sharing your stack of quilts and your block so versatile. Great creative design. 
Posted by Carol on
The Princess and the Pea? Looks more like the Cheshire Cat telling you the stack of quilts isn't high enough.
Posted by Cathryn H on
Prairie Sunburst is a beautiful block. Thanks for the table runner pattern.
Posted by Shelley on
Great lock.  I love the traditional look of it.
Posted by Peggy Savage on
Congratulations on your block appearing on the cover. I love Snuggles on your pile of quilts!
Posted by Marilyn on
Love the block. look forward to seeing it in print.
inam a quilter from New Zealand. It is great to be included in the chance to win.
Posted by Chris Campbell on
I love blocks that lend themselves to being scrappy, thanks for sharing.
Posted by Ramona Eggleston on
Cute block!  Thanks for the chance.
Posted by Andee in aZ on
Great secondayr pattern in your block. Thanks for the chance to win.
Posted by Liz on
Congratulations and thank you for the chance for this Giveaway.
Posted by Sandhya Karandikar on
Congrats on your cute block making the issue!  Thanks for sharing!
Posted by lea brummett on
Love your block and plan on making the runner.
Posted by karen clark on
Love the block.  Thanks for the chance at this giveaway.
Posted by Celeste on
Your block would look lovely with scraps, and 2 base colors.
Congrat to be on the cover of the Magazine.
Posted by Ingrid on
Fantastic block!
Posted by Charlene S on
Love your block!!
Posted by Pamela on
I LOVE pinwheels! Also appreciate your creatiity.  Thanks for sharing.
Posted by Peggy on
I love your block, it's wonderful. 
Posted by Dana Gaffney on
Can hardly wait just a few more days to the new book.  Lots of patterns pieced and paper piecing too!  Your block is sensational.  Thanks for the preview.
Posted by Nan Hanson on
Love this for my leftover 1/2 square triangles. The scrappier the better.
Posted by Kim Greenleaf on
Nice block.  Glad to see you made the cover.  Cuddles knows a good thing when he sees it!
Posted by Darlene on
great block and how wonderful it looks in the table runner - congratulations on being a cover girl !
Posted by leanne on
Congrats...great design with so many options...
Posted by Cynthia B on
Congratulations on making the cover!  Thank you for the tablerunner instructions.
Posted by Robin on
I think I like the scrappy version best.  Could be so colourful and fun.
Posted by C Walker on
Triangles!  Scraps!  What more could we ask for in a lovely block?!
Posted by Louisa on
Love your block, especially the colors you show.  Congratulations.
Posted by Becky Ellis on
Tablerunners are my favorite project because you can finish them quickly for gifts!!  Your block is a perfect block-can use up scraps (and who doesn't have TONS of those?) and they are pieced , which is my favorite technique!!  Congratulations on having your block published!  Can't wait to see this new issue!  Looks to be quite inspirational!!
Posted by Mary Jo on
I love your block and it is perfect as a table runner!!!
Posted by Loralynn on
I love your block.    The table runner would be fun!
Posted by Lyn M on
Congratulations on making the cover!  I would love to win a pack of your newest patterns &/or a copy of the magazine!
Posted by Joyce in NC on
Congratulations!  Will enjoy piecing your block and sewing table runner. Love yourchoice for block name. I am a midwesterner and enjoy our praiie vistas.
Posted by Mary Arline Smith on
I really like Prairie Sunburst and am making plans to use my stash to make an autumn table runner.
I have lots of fall palette fabrics from which to choose. Congratulations for being chosen for this awesome book!
Posted by Wilma Searcy on
Love the outwards moment your block creates, especially in the table runner! Thank you for including a picture of your kitty. Looks like the more you quilt, the more of a daredevil Snuggles needs to become!
Posted by Nancysue on
Congratulations on making the front cover. I love your block. It would be beautiful in a scrappy colors.
I would love to win a pack of your newest patterns or a copy of "Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks, Vol 7".
Thanks for the opportunity to win.
Posted by Nancy Smith on
Nice block & project. Thanks for the giveaway.
Posted by deb on
Love the scrappier version for spring!
Posted by Val Hawes on
This blog tour is so much fun.  I love your Prairie Sunburst block.  Thamks for the chance to win Quiltmakers 100 Blocks.
Posted by Susan Griffith on
I love your block. How wonderful that it made the cover. I've printed the table runner pattern and can't wait to make it.
Posted by margaret rose on
Your block design is great, congratulations for making it on the cover.
Posted by Judy1522 on
Just loved your block.  Looking forward to making the table runner.  Thanks for the pattern.
Posted by Audrey Bennett on
The name of your block is perfect for the style! Congrats on the cover, and I love your cats coloring.
Posted by Linda Armenti on
I love your block and the name says it all.  It's perfect.
Posted by Kris in WI on
Beautiful block -- I love all those points!!  It's especially appealing to me in the scrappy version!  :)
Posted by Denise :) on
Thank you for sharing...your princess looks more like a queen, and they don't let anything bother them!
Posted by Nancyanne C on
Very nice block.  Congratulations on getting on the cover of Quiltmaker..  I just love the Princess and the Pea!!  It put a smile on my face.
Posted by Sheree on
Deanne, I love the scrappy rendition of your block.  Of course my first thought was how great it would  look in yellow and orange since it is named "Prairie Sunburst."
At least Snuggles is on top of finished quilts.  Mycat likes to curl up on my stack of pin-basted quilts that are waiting to be quilted.
Posted by Nancy on
Love your block, and love the colors! Congrats on being in the book!
Posted by Nancy B from Many LA on
I love your block.  Thanks for the chance to win a pattern or the book.
Posted by Elizabeth Ernst on
congrats on getting your block into the book - would love to win!
Posted by Linda Miller Lemons on
Your block is so beautiful and perfectly named.  I love it
Posted by Judy on
love your scrappy version.  Thanks for the chance to win.
Posted by Kathy L on
wow, i like block, i am going make skrapy look. I alredy puled all my leftover square and this is my new project for may. How long wil take it to finish, I hope not all month. Thanks and congratulation.
Posted by babka h on
I love your block. It is fantastic.
Posted by Sue in Scottsdale, AZ on
Love the scrappy block!
The kitty looks like she's the boss!!!
Posted by Alex on
Love your block, and I love Snuggles.
Posted by DeAnna Dodson on
I'm new to quilting and haven't tried too many blocks yet but am willing to learn new tricks.  Would love to win!!
Congrats on getting the cover.
Posted by Kay Dieterich on
Love the Prairie Sunburst Block. 
Posted by Cindy Hamilton on
I love 1/2 square triangles. I love the idea of using 2 different sizes in a block.
Posted by Kathleen Wood-Kaiser on
I love this sunburst design - I think it'd be amazing as a large quilt! Such movement, and all with hsts!
Posted by Denise on
I love your block. Congrats for making it in the magazine. Thanks for the giveaway.
Posted by Maria Albert Linder on
Congratulations on your block, Prairie Sunburst, making the cover of issue #7...Bravo!!  Thanks for a chance at your giveaway...
Posted by Karen on
Great block. Love the scrappy look.
Posted by Jinnine Pearce on
Love both versions of the block and the kitty is adorable too!!
Posted by Mo Starkey on
Love those blocks that can use use stash of small scraps.  Just hate to throw any bit of fabric away.  Have some that my mother saved that must be 50 years old !!!
Posted by Virginia Bell on
Love your block!
Posted by Deb on
Congratulations on your successes. Beautiful things !!!
Posted by Annette on
I love the scrappier version of your block. A packet of your patterns would make my day, week, month, year, etc.!
Posted by physicsmom on
Prairie sunburst is beautiful!  Congratulations!!!!
Posted by Denise Monday on
Love your block, and especially the scrappy alternative.  I'm always looking for ways to use my scraps, and your runner is neat and elegant.
Susan in PA
Posted by susan on
Neat block and on the cover too.  Would love "Princess". Give her a pet for me.
Posted by Carol Kuse on
A cover girl, congratulations!!!!  Love your prairie sunburst and the tablerunner.  Great job!!! Thanks for the chance to win. 
Posted by Kathy on
Love your block - especially tahe scrappy version.
Posted by Gwen W on
I really love your block!  I may have to put this on my short list of quilts!  Thanks so much for sharing your fabulous creativity!
Posted by Amy Lause on
Love your Prairie Sunburst block, especially the scrappy version. Thank you for the opportunity to win.
Posted by Debra Coleman on
Great block with big impact
Posted by Andrea Harles on
Really love your block.
Posted by Gwen Sadler on
No matter where there is a stack of quilts there will be a cat!  Give Snuggles a chest rub for me.  Sandi and Komotion.  =^.^=
Posted by kwiltnkats on
Well cats and quilts do go together ! I really like the scrappy version of your block.
Posted by Donna Bacon on
Great block!  I loved how you used it in the table runner.  It made me want to sew the block myself.  Thanks for the picture of your cat too. 
Posted by Cathlene on
Congrats on being a cover girl!
Posted by WyoDi on
What a neat block, congrats on being on the cover. Loved the picture of your cat too.
Posted by Micaela on
I really like the table runner you designed using your block.  Can't wait to make one!
Posted by Pat V. on
I've so enjoyed seeing all of the blocks designed for the magazine.  Wish I could make them all.  In the meantime, congratulations for designing a lovely table runner.
Posted by Sandy W. on
It is a very nice block it looks like it would be fun to make a quilt or table runner with it.  I hope you keep up the good work.
Posted by Carol Deagle on
Love this block. It would make a really beautiful quilt.
Posted by Claire on
You have such a neat blog. Thanks
Posted by Nora on
Oooh, I like that Snuggles the Cat.  Reminds me of my Pepper.  And congrats on being on the cover!  I'm sure you're very VERY excited!
Posted by Sandy on
Hey cover girl. Congrats on that and nice block. Thanks for the pattern. I love table runners. 
Posted by sandy on
Snuggles is a twin of my cat Missi.  She sits on top of anything I'm working on too.  Love your block and so happy it's on the "cover of the Rolling Stone"!  Oops, I mean Quiltmaker!  Congratulations!    
Posted by Judy on
Snuggles looks like she's right at home sitting on that stack of quilts.  Your  Prairie Sunburst block really looks in a table runner.  I like making HST's so I'd love to make one!  Thanks for the chance to win.
Posted by Tami Chaulk on
Love love your block.  Congrats for getting in issue #7.  Thanks for the chance to win this issue.  So looking forward to getting the magazine so I can make your block.
Posted by Carol Berge on
Congratulations on a great block.  And thanks for this chance to win.
Posted by Kathy on
Thanks for the chance to win. love your block.
Posted by Marcia Lasiter on
I love your block--can't wait to make it!
Posted by Donna on
Your block is beautiful, and I'm enjoying visiting all of these wonderful blogs.
Posted by Suzanne on
Your block is so pretty. I love the runner. Thank you for sharing your block. 
Posted by Shannon on
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