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Jazz up a Quilt or Make it Bigger ... With a Border!

December 17, 2013

Have you bought a pattern recently, or made a quilt, that is just made of rows of blocks? Are you making a quilt that you would like to make bigger, but don't want to make more blocks? Here's an idea .... add borders! Whether they are just plain borders or pieced, they will add another dimension to the quilt and make it larger.

I myself love to add pieced borders to frame blocks and to also make a quilt bigger. If you want to do this for a quilt you are planning, purchase a little more fabric than the quilt requires and use that to make pieced borders to add to your quilt. Here's a quilt I made. In the photo, I have cut out the border so I can show you a before and after.


Now, here is the same quilt with the pieced border added. I first added a tan strip border and then added a simple pieced border made up of strips of squares.


Here's a close-up of the border:


Here is another quilt with an interesting pieced border. Rectangles of colored strips and black strips. Kind of fun!


This one uses a black strip border and then color strips in a "piano key" pattern to add fun to this quilt.


Finally, here is another option for a pieced border. Take an element from the block and use that to create a pieced outer border.


So, these are a few ideas. Use your creativity to make your quilts bigger. Of course, you can make more blocks to make it bigger and then also add a pieced border. I think these borders not only add size, but they also add some interest to the quilt itself.

The above quilts are four of the many lap quilts I have designed and can be found in the "Everyday" section on my web site.

Happy Quilting!




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