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Monday Musings - Color

Apr 17, 2017

Color Choice

Color…. I am asked every time I speak to a group how I choose my color palette for my quilts. It’s an interesting question. To me, the colors I choose breathe life into my designs. If I have a color in a quilt block that does not mesh well, the design can be lost. You need the right contrast between colors to enhance a design.

I am a scrap quilter at heart. So I like a lot of color in my quilts. Once a design is complete, I will decide how many colors I want in the quilt. Then it’s time to “audition” the fabrics!

Here's how I store my fabric:

Blog - 4-17-17d.jpg

Sometimes, all those bins are spread out across my floor!

Blog - 4-17-17c.jpg

By laying out the fabrics like above, I can see how each color interacts with the others in the stack. If one of the fabrics sticks out too much or fades from view within the collection, I know that it does not belong with this group. Here's a photo that shows how I get contrast. The photo on the left shows the first grouping I chose. On the right, you'll see that by replacing 2 fabrics with a lighter version, I created some contract within the group that will help accent the design.

Blog - 4-17-17.jpg

You do not necessarily need to stay within a fabric line or even with fabrics from the same fabric company. What I have found is that using fabrics from the same genre pretty much insures they will look good together. For example, I use Civil War Reproduction fabrics. In most cases, this is foolproof. However, if I find a fabric that is not from a Civil War collection but fits in well with the other fabrics chosen, I will use it!

What if You Don’t Like the Colors I Choose?

I’ve heard it before. Someone looks at a quilt sample of mine, and will say: “I love the design, but I just don’t like the colors!” Well, if that’s the way you feel about a quilt ….. use the fabrics you like! I’ve even done that myself with a design of mine. Here is a quilt of mine made with the fabrics I love:


Blog - 4-17-17e.jpg


And here is the same quilt, made for my son’s girlfriend, in bright colors that I never use!

Blog - 4-17-17a.jpg


See how the design works for both? Many quilt patterns are like that. Substitute the fabrics you like and you will love the design and the fabric!!

Happy fabric hunting and quilting!


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